Hey Gorgeous, 

I am Molly. I am a little girl, very curious but a bit bitchy at times. I have a husband named Ollie and a human pet. Destoying all types of wood is my hobby. I do not like sour things, however I love cherries and strawberries. Jumping and binkies are my specialities. 
My husband likes to groom me, and I like to be groomed by only my husband. My human is not allowed to touch my precious hairs. Only a bunny knows how to style it fashionable.

My human pet thinks that I was a fluffy little bunny when I was younger, but when I look at the picture I only see a princess. (Human says: see first picture)

Well, that’s it for now. I have to see what my guy is up to, it seems as if he is trying to make little bunnies with the teddybear.




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